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Art Works

1     Only Place on Earth             9      Dunnville Chamber of Commerce        17     Flyers Cafe                                       2     Debb's Cuisine                    10     Hauser's Pharmacy / Hauser's             18     Queen Street Paint and Decor
3     Rebecca's Pantry                         Mobility Services                                  19     Wingfield Chiropractic Care

4     Deann's and Phase II           11     Dunnville Credit Union                         20     Duliban  Insurance Brokers

5     Ruffin's Pet Centre              12     Knowle`s Diner                                     21     Rexall Pharmacy

6     The Gospel Lighthouse       13     Sweet Retrospect                                 22     Good Looks Hair  Design                            Bookstore        14    The Music Room                                             

7     Infamous Tatoos                  15     Art Service Office Supply                      23    Grandview Lodge /Seniors  Support
8     Youth Impact Centre            16     The Minga                                                    Services                                            

See more than 100 pieces of visual art from more than 50  artists displayed in over 20 downtown locations in Dunnville.  Plan to take a leisurely walk and appreciate the talent in our community and surrounding areas.  Maps showing the venues that will be displaying art as well as the location of particular artists' works will  be available Opening Night at Flyers Cafe, on this page and at various locations, including Haldimand Art Works, throughout the Festival.  Plan to take a stroll and enjoy!